Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Won't Be Found

See all the shades of orange, red, and brown on this killer vintage vest? I would say they remind me of the warm colored leaves where I live. However, that would imply my neck of the woods got the memo that it's autumn now. This shouldn't shock me at all considering it's pratically spring/summer all year round. Bummer, I know. Don't worry though, I ain't gonna let the heat melt away my chances of celebrating fall fashion. When sweaters and scaves aren't pratical for this time of the year, I opt for colors that give that cozy fall feeling rather than garments. So what if I can't wear my favorite black and white, sequin sweater that's chilling in my closet? I've got earthtones going on in this ensemble from head to toe, whichs reminds me of all the warm-fuzzies that fall brings. And that's enough to satisfy me...for now, because my longing for 65 degree weather only grows stronger with every October day that passes.

Patchwork Vest- Vintage (gift)
Crop Tank Top- Second Hand
Double D Ranchwear Maxi Skirt- Flashbacks
Chestnut Platform Boots- Second Hand
Dooney and Bourke Cross Body Bag- Vintage (Ritzy Ragz)
Silver and Emerald Green Necklace- Flashbacks
Moon & Sun Silver Ring- Esbe
All other jewlery is from flea markets/vintage/second hand

Sunday, September 21, 2014

California Light

Often when people think of  California, images of bright, sunny beaches and palm trees towering over streets pop into their head. As iconic and inspiring as these CA traits might be, there's a side of the state that steals my heart faster than any other: The Wine Country. There's nothing like the sight of vineyards stretching for what seems like miles upon miles and the refined wineries neighboring them. It's the perfect blend of rural and luxury- a combo I wanted embody with this look. Staying true to the whole country free, I went with this gorgeous prairie dress and cowboy boots. Also, I needed a bag for my vineyard exploration so I brought along this adorable Milanoo horse print bag. (The closest I'll get to traveling with a horse which I'm cool with.) At this point, the outfit needed a bit more chicness which called for some classic red lips and a red floppy sun hat to match. (along with a ridiculous amount of jewlery to Lexify it, of course.) ♥


Free People Prairie Dress- Second Hand
 Fringe Kimono- Second Hand
Guess Cowboy Boots- Borrowed
Sun Hat- Gift
Horse Print Bag- Milanoo
All Jewlery is from fleamarkets, vintage or gift

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blind Faze

I like to think of this look as a babydoll take on 70's glam rock. You can call it "Bubblegum Glam Rock" if you're like me and enjoy classifying styles with ridiculous names. (And we can get it trending on tumblr- It'll be like the new pastel goth or something.) Tongue-in-cheek aside, I adore mixing spunky, retro looking pieces like this shag vest and wedge boots with sweet n' sassy details like these heart sunnies. What steals the show in this outfit, however, is this gorgeous Milanoo British-style romper. The print just screams vintage to me: I could so see it in a small boutique in London during the 70's. (I'm glad it's not though because the chances of me getting my hands on it would be waaay slimmer.)

Blue Sleeveless Romper- Milanoo
Mirror/Dash Shag Vest-  Second Hand (Ritzy Ragz)
Pastel Pink Tights- Macys
Vince Camuto Wedge Boots- Nordstrom
Heart Sunnies- Second Hand (Ritzy Ragz)
Elephant Necklace- Julie's Jewlery Store
All other jewlery- Vintage/Fleamarkets/Second Hand

Friday, September 5, 2014

Frame by Frame

Confession: I am completely hooked on palazzo pants- hook, line and sinker I tell ya! This isn't the first time I've declared my love for them on the blog but I thought I'd remind you guys since it's been quite sometime that I've featured them. To be real, I don't have much luck finding ones I like (they always seem to be a polyester- not the best material when it's 90 degrees out) so I only own a couple pairs. But I ain't giving up on my search. I'll own all the (preferably cotton like the beautiful Free People ones I'm wearing) palazzo pants one day and you best believe I'll pair them with crop tops too!


Velvet Crop top- Second Hand
Necklace- Vintage (Ritzy Ragz)
Free People Palazzo Pants- Second Hand
Minnetonka Espadrilles- Gift
Oversized Lennon Sunnies- 80's Purple
Rest of jewlery is either from flea markets/vintage/gift

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Try to Be

Another set of photos from my trip on the east, another dreamy look! This time, I'm roaming into the woods in this romantic, lacey free people dress as if I was a forest faerie or something of that nature. I'm not entirely sure how I'd spend my days if I was a forest faerie. Maybe I'd take up learning the harp so I could perform for all the woodland creatures passing by. (you know, to earn some extra twigs or something.) All I know is that I'd want to prance around in a dress light enough to flow in the wind. The less restrained I feel with the clothes I'm wearing, the better. Of course, I'd still have to add a few pieces of jewlery here and there(in this case, very soft and sweet pieces) to keep it me. Assuming I'd have gorgeous, functioning faerie wings, I would ditch the footwear. As deep as my love for shoes runs, sometimes there's no accessory like barefeet. <3

Free People Cream Dress- Sur la plage
Map Heart Necklace- VictoriaCampAllison (Gift)
Bindi- Flea Market
Rest of Jewlery is from Flea Markets/Vintage/Gift

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Heart

 A couple weeks ago, I ventured to the east coast for the first time. It was a much needed getaway. There's nothing better than spending a week without a clock and treating the world as if it's your oyster. I guess it's time to fully snap back into reality now that I've been at home for exactly a week. The thing is though, that's something I sorta  suck at. My heads is permanently lodged in the clouds, enjoying every bit of coastal breeze that passes by while peacefully gazing at my surroundings from a bird's eye view. I'm feeling especially day dreamy in these photos. So much so, I didn't even bother to wear lipstick! (a look without lipstick? bet y'all never saw that day coming!) Well, my slight tan has faded at this point which means it's really time to get back to work- starting with the new blog layout/logo! I'd love some feedback on the changes so leave a comment telling me what you think of them(: Also, I've got another look from the trip I'll be putting either the end of this week or next week the latest. Be sure to take your head out of the clouds too and keep your eyes peeled for it. ;)♥

Everything I'm wearing is Secondhand
All Jewlery is Vintage/Flea Markets

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Good Fortune

For ages I've wanted to show off an outfit involving this vintage, tie-front crop top. Figuring out what on earth to wear with it turned out to be a tricker task than what I bargained for. I tried it with high-waisted shorts, over a dress, with jeans and everything but the kitchen sink and nothing felt right. I almost gave up, verging on the brink of giving it away. But this accordion pleated skirt I picked up while thrifting one day quickly persuaded me otherwise. I tried it on together, and it was a winning combination. An old fashioned skirt is exactly what was needed to do this killer crop top justice. To avoid going too 40's/50's with it, I put my own glam-boho spin on the look using a turban and clog heels. The result? A retro, sassy gypsy ensemble♥

Also, I've came to the conclusion that I wanna stick with this background for my posts. The grayish/blue wall (the only non-beige wall in my house, mind you) I was using for my other outfits was repainted to looks like the others so bye-bye my old backdrop. But honestly, shooting outside kicks taking-photos-inside's butt: fresh air, better lighting, gorgeous vineyards= no competition.

Stripe Crop Top-  Vintage
Accordion Pleated Skirt- Thrifted
Jeffrey Campbell Clog Heels-Crossroads
 Red Headband- Second Hand
Brighton Belt- Thrifted
Aztec Necklace- Forever 21
Earring- Gift
All other jewlery is from fleamarkets or vintage