Friday, April 11, 2014

Starry Eyes

Ruffles, Bows and Pearls: All these elements are commonly seen as soft and delicate on their own yet have trailed into looks on the opposite end of the girly spectrum. Combine them together, however, and it's the ultimate recipe for a stereotypically twee get-up. Ultra sweet, dainty outfits typically aren't my cup of tea  but once in a while, I fancy the idea of dressing like I'm heading to a tea party. (Not that I've ever been to one- Do people still hold those? That's a thing that's too lovely to stop being a thing.)



Bow Sweater- Vintage (Ritzy Ragz)
Pearl Peter Pan Collar- Vintage (Ritzy Ragz)
Layered Ruffle Skirt- Crossroads
Ankle Kitten Heel Booties-Pink Avenger
Lace Scrunchie- Dollar Tree
Earrings- Vintage

Monday, March 24, 2014

Made Up Dreams

It wasn't until the other day that I realized how many velvet pieces I had hanging in my closet. Normally lighter, flowier garments lure me into splurging my money but I guess velvet has a special place in my heart. This is especially true for crushed velvet. I love how it catches light- definitely the most photogenic fabric for sure. While I usuallly wear velvet for more gothier/darker looks, I'm really into taking it into a different direction with a more bohemian, earthy vibe. ( Flowy earth-tone babydoll tank+ Crushed velvet leggings=Dreamier of a pairing than I thought. :'))

Tribal Print Babydoll Tank- Flashbacks
Crushed Velvet Leggings- Flashbacks
Ariat Roper Boots- Ebay
 Starfish Ring- Julie's Jewelry Store
All other jewelry is from flea markets or secondhand


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Song of the Storm

I sported this outfit sometime a couple weeks back during a brief storm. Dark neautrals tend to be the color scheme of choice for most people when dressing for so-called "gloomy" weather. Oddly, I'm the most energetic when overcast skies are out so I figured why not match my mood with a vibrant look? Also strange: I haven't been wearing earrings this often since I was ten. (Except now I'm wearing gold/turquoise/wooden ones and instead of dangly, plastic monkey ones. Although now that I think about it, those *do* sound pretty rad.)


Animal Print Coat- Second Hand
Orange Tights- Macys
Brown Ankle Boots- Borrowed
Embroidered Silk Scarf- Gift
 Turqouise Earrings, Bracelets, + Rings- Flea Markets/ Second Hand

Saturday, February 22, 2014


I'm sure you guys can guess what holiday I wore this for. (Hint: I'm 11 days late on posting this look) Honestly though, despite not being a huge fan of Vday, I can't resist dressing up accordingly: Holiday-themed looks are a guilty pleasure of mine! (Minus the guilt, no shame here!) And the day presented the perfect opportunity to break out this lovely sweater. I mean how could you turn down this little gem? Those little plastic lip buttons make me smile everytime. ♥

Red Beret-  Ibuydeal
Lip Sweater- Second Hand (Ritzy Ragz)
Polka Dot Button Up- H&M
Black Pants- Second Hand
 Nine West Pumps- Gift
Layered Chain Necklace- Gift


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I've Got Energy

Not to say that I dressed like this when I was a kiddo (that would be more like newsboy cap+ roxy top and jeans+ Heelys) but something about this look reminds me of the days when I was in elementary school. Maybe it's because a bow on the head + the button-up under a dress combo screams classic school girl. I'd like to think that this is more of a sassy school girl getup though- Like less taking notes in class and more sneaking out of class with a bathroom pass to pick dandelions off the soccer field that I would then stick in my hair.
Polka Dot Blouse- Second Hand
Velvet Flower Dress- Second Hand
Floral Scarf- Vintage
Belt- Vintage
Necklace and Silver Cuff- Forever 21
Ring- H&M
 Cat Eye Sunnies- 80's Purple
White Creepers- T.U.K Shoes

Also, I ombred my hair blue a couple weeks ago. The dye was short lived but here's a photo of it anyway. Even though the dye has faded into more of a grayish blonde, I still dig it. (:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Border Line

I've been a sucker for Hawaiian resort wear ever since I was a youngin' so it's not surpising that Jams World is becoming one of my favorite clothing lines. The top that I'm wearing from the brand (like the majority of my wardrobe, I bought second hand) currently holds the title of most adored shirt in my closet. The psychedelic print instantly grabbed my eye. Right then and there, I knew I couldn't pass this gem up.

Red Beanie- Savers
Bindi- Flea Market
Jams World Button Up- Second Hand (Ritzy Ragz)
Green Bodycon Dress- Thrifted
Chain Ankle Boots- Go Jane
Gold Layered Necklace- Forever 21
Evil Eye Bracelet (left)- Julie's Jewlery Store
Rest of the jewlery is secondhand/from fleamarkets

Sidenote: While I was shooting these pics outside (switchin' up the setting from the old beige wall), my dog kept running into the frame.The camera and her have a mutual love. (Scratch that, she probably just wanted to be petted.) So, this is my baby, Margo.  She's a beautiful, majestic guardian-angel-dog-creature and I wish y'all could meet her IRL.(Along with my other baby, my kitty Merlin, who I'll introduce sometime within the next few posts.) ♥

Monday, December 30, 2013

Pulaski At Night

A little over a week ago, I wore this outfit to an Andrew Bird show in LA. It was my second time seeing him live and the experience was worlds different than the first but even more amazing. Because it was one of his winter gezelligheid shows, it took place in a quaint, dimly lit church so the whole experience felt much more intimate. (Especially compared to the Greek Theater, the venue I saw him at first.) The atmosphere and Andew Bird's music really were a match made in heaven though I, honestly, I could listen to him play in a sewer for hours and still feel at peace. One song in the set that night that stood out to me was the track off his EP that came out this year: "Pulaski at Night." That song has such a beautiful melody that never fails to get stuck in my head- To hear him preform it on his violin live was such a privledge. Definitely one of the highlights of my year, not to mention a perfect way to close off 2013. And speaking of which, happy new year to you all! My wishes to you that 2014 brings all of you lovelies the best! ♥

Amethyst + Moonstone Cross Necklace- Rock Paper Tree (Gift)